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Qatar Museums’ Pattern Canvas Online App

So I recovered *some* of the Oman exhibit photos from my rapidly deteriorating laptop, and I am desperate to find ways on how to get my photos off it before it goes six feet under. Though I did managed to transfer those photos safely to my external hard drive, then WordPress -or rather, my internet connection,- does not allow them to be uploaded to the blog.

Also, Do you remember the thing I posted about crowdfunding thing? Yeah….it’s not going to happen. apparently us Bruneians don’t deserve crowdfunding. The funding I am only entitled to are interest-laden loan schemes offered by the banks. Goodbye, new computer.


Anyway, while waiting for the other photos of the Oman exhibit to come up and be upload-able to the blog, I was lead to yet another fun app on the internet, for you to use for your Islamic Geometric Design needs.

Behold, the Qatar Museums’ Pattern Canvas – Play Designer app. Whew, that’s a mouthful. Please click on the photo to access the app.


What you have here is an offering from the Qatar Museums that allows you to play with a number of geometric shapes – namely triangle, square, circle and diamond – and arrange them on a blank canvas to create a diverse, kaleidoscopic designs of geometrical beauty, or chaos, whichever you choose.

You are offered a number of tools to help you create your masterpieces. You can choose from six different colours for the borders of the shape and the shape themselves, the thickness (or absence of) the borders of the shapes, reflections (or symmetry, as we geometry lovers would have referred to) of the shapes ranging from two to eight reflections, as well as a slider to control the size of the shapes you would like them to appear on the canvas.

While you are drawing on the canvas, you can freeze the shapes drawn on the canvas with a click of the mouse. Unfortunately you cannot choose whether your next pattern can be overlaid on top of the previous drawing or be combined with it – it is always the former. Too bad because it will create a plethora of patterns just with that small little detail.

It is not as robust and as interesting as the Taprats java app I introduced some time ago, but it is a nice distraction and a simple way to create patterns – which, somehow in my case, looks vaguely Islamic, but more of a psychedelic, 60’s 70’s inspired mandala designs, what with all that striking in your face colours.


One of my patterns made with the app. Rather bland, I must say

While you play around with the app, please allow me to rummage through my storage for my Oman photos. It is got to be somewhere…


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Happy New Year 2016!


A whole year of no posting whatsoever.

My laptop recently went belly flop literally, so I was without any means of writing in this blog except for my phone. I am currently typing this on my work computer, so it is not ideal…

And with the passing of my laptop, so did my collection of photos I meant to post on this blog – remember the Omani exhibit I meant to show you at the end of 2014? Yup, all burned and gone. *sigh*. I am still finding ways to recover them, I am very close to that. So expect to see those in a few weeks – or months- time.

I the meantime, I had changed the look of the blog for a grey and white palette, so I hope you like the colour scheme! Also, I am thinking of setting up a fundraising page so I can get a new decent computer and perhaps help me with my trip to Istanbul next year? If I get there I promise you there will be a whole lot of content available to you, my readers! I also, in anticipation of the Istanbul trip, make another blog based solely on travel (I have been on some work funded trips) What do you think? Should I set up a Gofundme account? I hope thats not much to ask.

Till then, see you later.

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