Happy Eid ul-Adha!

Happy Eid-ul Adha everyone! It has been a hectic month with the internet problems and all, but thank goodness the connection has improved, though it still drops from time to time – sometimes I couldn’t get several minutes without being disconnected. Thus, I decided to do all the typing offline, and then posting the whole work when I finally got a steady connection going on…which is usually very, very late in the night.

We don’t have much planned for today, however my sister is going to hold a little function to celebrate Eid tonight, holding a prayer for her recent acquaintance of work and home and prayers for the success of her children in their exams, as well as to celebrate their collective birthdays.

Again, happy holidays everyone, wish you a great Eid celebration and a happy long weekend.

Islamic Wallpapers…Real ones!

If you had follow this blog since its inception, I am sure you have known by now that I am, with the service of a separate website, have been selling fabrics, prints, wall decals, posters,  shirts and other stuff. I came up with the design and then the websites – Redbubble.com and Spoonflower.com – manufacture them in their respective products and then sell them. So far I am not lucky in this business, although I have to say I am not very confident in my designs so I need to improve myself first and then maybe I can sell more.

click on the pictures to see my storefront in both of the websites.

REDBUBBLE – For prints, stickers, shirts (including babies!) and hoodies –

SPOONFLOWER – For fabrics of different kinds and of course, designs.

My Spoonflower storefront is empty at the moment, but I will approve the designs I am selling very soon.

There is an interesting development in the Spoonflower website – they are now offering removable wallpapers! Now someone actually emailed me asking if they can use my design for their homes, to be put up as wallpapers and considering that,I have been thinking about buying my own designs off their site in the form of canvas fabrics to make them as wallpapers, but I find that their prices for the fabrics are quite high for a yard and considering that you need quite a sum of money just to cover one wall!

Thankfully now they are offering removable wallpapers that are very simple to apply – just add water! I am considering to redecorate my room but I couldn’t bring myself to paint the walls because…you know, its not my own place. But I need to consider putting up wallpapers because the walls are pathetically thin and made of some sort of building grade plywood so it gets quite noisy especially with the neighbours with their power tools in the early mornings! With this option in the Spoonflower website, I might be able to redecorate it afterall.

I am thinking of getting the design below, though I am not really sure if it will work with my *shudder* painted lacquer red room. I will buy a few rolls sometime soon, and once I put them up, I will post another on this subject, and then maybe you can join in the fun by purchasing a few rolls for yourself. If you have some ideas about this and maybe suggestions for me, do comment or email me, I need the help!


Observations – KL Visit – Islamic Art Museum Part 8

This is another installment of the series of articles about my trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia I did with my parents and my brother on October last year.

Right across the metalwork gallery, in front of the elevator is one of my favorite area of the museum,  the Ceramics gallery. Here, in the U shaped space overlooking the Qur’an and Manuscript gallery, features a number of samples of ceramics from all over the Islamic world. A small collection but nevertheless an awe inspiring one!

Many of the samples are from Turkey with its gracious floral tiles and white on blue calligraphy as well as from Iran of sharp geometrical motifs juxtaposed with the flowing vegetal designs. A small number of the ceramics on display came from India and from the North African region.

Most of the ceramic samples on display here are of the tiles variety. However, there are a few samples of everyday objects made of pottery such as ewers and basins, which, of course had Islamic designs on them. They mostly came from the North African region as well as the Spanish Andalusia.

The Gallery also featured information about these ceramics ; how they were planned, designed, created and assembled. They are made with different skills learned by the artisans with different materials accessible to the region. For example, the artisans in the Andalus as well as Morocco utilizes the system of Furmah, where individual tiles were fired up and created and then assembled to form a larger design.

A display of tiles with the six-pointed star design.

A selection of Iznik tiles and plates from Turkey.

Calligraphic tile panel from Turkey

Hexagonal designed tile from Iran


A tile sample with a Moroccan design, although not made in the traditional Zellige method.

Troublesome Connection

My last post was…on the 12th of September. And that makes it a little over a month now. WOW.

I had difficulties keep up this blog because the internet connection here is getting worse and worse by the day! I even had trouble checking my emails that once the connection was out for a few days, when I finally get a trickling of kilobytes going through my connection, I had almost a hundred of them in my inbox, a number needed immediate attention. Since I was on such an unstable connection I had to reply them at approximately one or two, max three emails per hour.

In my frustration, I had to go to cafes and other public places just to be able to reply emails as well as to keep this blog up. And actually currently I am hogging a public wifi connection and doing it in the middle of the night. That’s how far I am going so to get a good internet going to update on everything. So hopefully I will gets ome articles posted today…I mean tonight.