Switching Back to the Private Domain…and Happy 5th Anniversary Stars in Symmetry!


Life goes fast and gets pretty chaotic in a blink of an eye.

It feels just like yesterday when I was 22, young and carefree, with a new found passion in Islamic art and architecture.

Fast forward five years later, and I am a 27 year-old guy with a lot of things on his hand and mind, sometimes he neglects his little blog here on which he had built upon a flaming interest and passion.

I am sorry to you, my readers, if I have failed to post anything significant to the blog recently. My current job demands a considerable amount of mental and physical effort, I find it almost impossible to publish anything to this blog. Luckily, this line of work also allows me to indulge in arts and culture – though mostly not any kind of Islamic. This work also allows me to meet and mingle with artists and performers from all around the world, recently from Russia and Oman, from whom I personally saw them working in their respective form of Art. Hopefully I can – and will- share to you those art that had any significance of Islamic art.

I also had the chance to subscribe to a number of Islamic art publications and magazines, so it will interest you the knowledge I had acquired from these publications, and relay them to you.

I had just recently remapped the blog to my custom, private domain starsinsymmetry.com from starsinsymmetry.wordpress.com. Though you might want to wait 72 hours for it to work…or not. I have to recheck the mapping again and see if it automatically redirects to the custom domain. Hopefully everything will go without a hitch.

Again, happy 5th anniversary, Stars in Symmetry. Hoping for a brighter future ahead.