Eid Mubarak

2019 has been a terrible year for me.

End of May I was admitted to the hospital because of several abscesses on my left leg as well as a growth very close to my spine. So I underwent a surgery to remove them all, and had to spend 2 weeks in the hospital.

As soon as the two weeks passed, I was diagnosed with contaminated blood, and I had to spend almost 3 weeks in the ward.

Needless to say, I spent my Eid on the hospital bed, my legs stiff (from the surgery) not able to move at all.

Just to show that we can only plan but Allah and His prescribed destiny ultimately rules over all.

Even though its not Syawal anymore, and it’s no longer Eid, I still want to wish you all my readers Eid Mubarak. Postings will resume as soon as I recover fully.