Internet Finds – A website for DIYers with Islamic Inspiration

I am currently working on a number of projects that really got hold of my time daily, I hardly have any moment to spare for blogging, and I truly apologize. The new semester will be starting soon for my university as well, so you can imagine how packed my daily schedule is!

I have found this website late last year while I was looking for ideas to decorate my new room soon,  and I was meaning to post it around late December (see what I mean?) This website, managed by a Muslim Arab-American woman by the name of  Lama, has tons and tons of contents and decorating ideas inspired by Islamic designs.


She also has a page dedicated for stencils and decals that you may be able to use for your own projects. As a fellow DIYer and an admirer of the Islamic art, I am truly amazed by her work. She also has a shop, which sells various products made from fabric, decorated with calligraphy works, but the shop is not ready yet. She does have an Etsy shop  Although I had not purchased anything from the shop yet nor have I inquired her of purchasing her products, but I am particularly fond of the Quran covers she offered at her shop.


Please click on any of the pictures to go to her website directly at