Update – To Restart the Blogging

I am sure most of you readers out there maybe (or are really) wondering the absolute absence of new postings, even for the weekly Imagining Islamic Aesthetics posts. There are some reasons I have to explain, though I might have already noted before in short posts, I would like to take this opportunity to explain the total lack of post.

As you may know, I had a two-week-long vacation and I did not bring my work while I am away (as I would like to enjoy my hard-earned holiday to the fullest, though I did drafted some ideas) and as soon as I finished my vacation and went back to my office, things happened to my work life like being knifed by a psycho after a long relaxing shower (lame metaphor, I know). I now had to work very irregular shifts, work, while it is not piling up, became very stressful due to the atmosphere in the work place, and bad rumours, while it is not generally taken as a fact by the office, circulated around the office against me. Working irregular shifts also meant very irregular working hours that sometimes left me looking for time and space to do my other work e.g blogging. Once I had to work until 10 in the night, only to come back to the office at 6 in the morning the day after – I was tired and restless.

The second reason is I had to cut my internet connection from my previous service provider because of their slow speed. I am left with either public wi-fi networks (which I had almost no time to get to any because of the job) or with the office wi-fi (which is hard to manage because of the impracticality of juggling between work and blog) or my own prepaid phone connection (which drains too quickly and empties before I even open a webpage or load up a picture for the posts). I am currently considering an alternative service provider, and hopefully I will hav it by the end of this month, so I can start the blog up again.

So I am very hopeful that this blog will restart again by the end of this month (or earlier). Till then please keep on reading!