Internet Finds – Geomation

I have been meaning to post this for quite a while now, since I saw it from a page in Facebook. Unfortunately the video on the page were only made available to be shared on Facebook, not on  blogs. Also it disappeared from Facebook pretty quickly.So I was scampering to find the video on youtube, not knowing what the title was. Turns out the title of the video was simply Geomation (D’oh!)

This video showcases an animation of a geometric pattern from the Alcazar, Seville in Spain. The pattern is quite a common one, and it looks simple enough from the start. However it becomes complicated with the number of eight pointed stars featured on the pattern, as well as the intersecting lines – it will definitely be very difficult for beginners to follow and very confusing.

The music of the video is rather creepy for me, but bear with it and watch as lines and circles forms into stars and diamonds before your eyes.

Drawn animation of a geometric pattern from the Alcazar, Seville, Spain.

Eid elAdha Mubarak!

Salaam my readers,

It was Eid elAdha a few days ago and let me wish you all a happy and joyous Eid. Here in Brunei it is not as greatly celebrated as Eid elFitr, unfortunately, but I think the happiest of them all with this celebration are the Hajj pilgrims and their families, because the Feast of the Sacrifice/Eid Adha/Kurban Bayrami signify that the pilgrims have done most of the rituals of the Hajj, and they will be home to their families soon enough.

The flights from Jedda to Brunei is on the way as I type 🙂 Again, I wish you all Eid Mubarak