Happy New Year 2016!


A whole year of no posting whatsoever.

My laptop recently went belly flop literally, so I was without any means of writing in this blog except for my phone. I am currently typing this on my work computer, so it is not ideal…

And with the passing of my laptop, so did my collection of photos I meant to post on this blog – remember the Omani exhibit I meant to show you at the end of 2014? Yup, all burned and gone. *sigh*. I am still finding ways to recover them, I am very close to that. So expect to see those in a few weeks – or months- time.

I the meantime, I had changed the look of the blog for a grey and white palette, so I hope you like the colour scheme! Also, I am thinking of setting up a fundraising page so I can get a new decent computer and perhaps help me with my trip to Istanbul next year? If I get there I promise you there will be a whole lot of content available to you, my readers! I also, in anticipation of the Istanbul trip, make another blog based solely on travel (I have been on some work funded trips) What do you think? Should I set up a Gofundme account? I hope thats not much to ask.

Till then, see you later.


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