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I am adding another category to the blog – Videos! This particular categories will feature helpful tutorials and awe inspiring videos from the internet so I will no longer post videos under the Internet Finds category.

For the first video of the category, I feature this tutorial video from one of the great teachers of Islamic geometric design ; Mr Eric Broug.

If you remember, I had feature his first instructional book on Islamic geometric design sometime last year. Now he is starting to make tutorial videos on his Youtube channel. This particular video shows him making an Ayubbid star – a 12-point star design. The video does not come with any audio, but if you had read his book, and have some idea on constructing basic stars in Islamic Geometry , it should be easy to follow.

In the video, Mr Broug also provides captions as he guides you step by step of making the Ayubbid Star. If you are a beginner in Islamic geometric design, you will find the video very helpful in your research!



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