Happy New Year 2015

It is already five days into 2015 but I hope it is not too late to wish you, my readers, a happy and joyous new year. I wish you another 360 days worth of happiness and peace ahead.

I haven’t had done anything much this past week. I was trying to finish up my school work before my finals this mid-January. The internet connection is horrible; trying to post anything on this blog is a hit and miss as so many time I tried to post, the connection dropped suddenly and I am greeted with a ‘page not found’ page. and then I have to get back to the Add New Post page with absolutely nothing on it, I have to rewrite it, try to repost it, back to the same ‘page not found’ page, repeat the process.

I returned to work today, hoping for a better, faster connection, but I am greeting with excruciatingly slow and lagging internet. Am I doomed to the repetitive process of retyping and reposting again? We shall see.

I hope I can post something before my upcoming finals, especially about the Omani art and architecture I had the chance to attend to last year. Let’s hope this internet connection can actually post pictures with the articles…

Once again, Happy New Year 2015