Happy New Year 2016!


A whole year of no posting whatsoever.

My laptop recently went belly flop literally, so I was without any means of writing in this blog except for my phone. I am currently typing this on my work computer, so it is not ideal…

And with the passing of my laptop, so did my collection of photos I meant to post on this blog – remember the Omani exhibit I meant to show you at the end of 2014? Yup, all burned and gone. *sigh*. I am still finding ways to recover them, I am very close to that. So expect to see those in a few weeks – or months- time.

I the meantime, I had changed the look of the blog for a grey and white palette, so I hope you like the colour scheme! Also, I am thinking of setting up a fundraising page so I can get a new decent computer and perhaps help me with my trip to Istanbul next year? If I get there I promise you there will be a whole lot of content available to you, my readers! I also, in anticipation of the Istanbul trip, make another blog based solely on travel (I have been on some work funded trips) What do you think? Should I set up a Gofundme account? I hope thats not much to ask.

Till then, see you later.


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Happy New Year 2015

It is already five days into 2015 but I hope it is not too late to wish you, my readers, a happy and joyous new year. I wish you another 360 days worth of happiness and peace ahead.

I haven’t had done anything much this past week. I was trying to finish up my school work before my finals this mid-January. The internet connection is horrible; trying to post anything on this blog is a hit and miss as so many time I tried to post, the connection dropped suddenly and I am greeted with a ‘page not found’ page. and then I have to get back to the Add New Post page with absolutely nothing on it, I have to rewrite it, try to repost it, back to the same ‘page not found’ page, repeat the process.

I returned to work today, hoping for a better, faster connection, but I am greeting with excruciatingly slow and lagging internet. Am I doomed to the repetitive process of retyping and reposting again? We shall see.

I hope I can post something before my upcoming finals, especially about the Omani art and architecture I had the chance to attend to last year. Let’s hope this internet connection can actually post pictures with the articles…

Once again, Happy New Year 2015

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Switching Back to the Private Domain…and Happy 5th Anniversary Stars in Symmetry!


Life goes fast and gets pretty chaotic in a blink of an eye.

It feels just like yesterday when I was 22, young and carefree, with a new found passion in Islamic art and architecture.

Fast forward five years later, and I am a 27 year-old guy with a lot of things on his hand and mind, sometimes he neglects his little blog here on which he had built upon a flaming interest and passion.

I am sorry to you, my readers, if I have failed to post anything significant to the blog recently. My current job demands a considerable amount of mental and physical effort, I find it almost impossible to publish anything to this blog. Luckily, this line of work also allows me to indulge in arts and culture – though mostly not any kind of Islamic. This work also allows me to meet and mingle with artists and performers from all around the world, recently from Russia and Oman, from whom I personally saw them working in their respective form of Art. Hopefully I can – and will- share to you those art that had any significance of Islamic art.

I also had the chance to subscribe to a number of Islamic art publications and magazines, so it will interest you the knowledge I had acquired from these publications, and relay them to you.

I had just recently remapped the blog to my custom, private domain starsinsymmetry.com from starsinsymmetry.wordpress.com. Though you might want to wait 72 hours for it to work…or not. I have to recheck the mapping again and see if it automatically redirects to the custom domain. Hopefully everything will go without a hitch.

Again, happy 5th anniversary, Stars in Symmetry. Hoping for a brighter future ahead.

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No Postings

I absolutely have no time at all to post anything last month! Apologies for that, but I was busy with my work. I had the pleasure of working with the Government of Oman for their cultural show and exhibition here in Brunei. So I had the chance to see some of their art and architecture, which undeniably a part of the Islamic Art tradition itself. So please wait for the articles and lots and lots of pics!

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A full month of no activity yet again!

I wasn’t able to write any new articles at the moment, due to work demands as well as my studies. Insha Allah, I will start writing again soon next month

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starsinsymmetry.com in temporary offline



I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but I do not have the means to pay for the $98 to reactivate the domain starsinsymmetry.com. So if you put that address to your browser, you will met with something like the above pic.

Not even the ads are paying for the domain…I am pretty much displaying ad on the blog practically for free

However, you can still come to starsinsymmetry.wordpress.com if you still wish to read my articles

Sorry for the inconvenience caused

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Observation – Kota Kinabalu City Mosque Part 2

As a continuation from a post that I had written on the end of last April, we will discover more about this delightful city mosque. This time we are going to get inside the mosque and discover the Islamic art and architecture featured.

Approaching the mosque from the main entrance to the east, through five tall arches, we enter the courtyard of the mosque, where you can go to administrative offices of the mosque. Also, this is where artists displaying and selling their Islamic artwork. conveniently, there is an ATM installed just outside of the entrance of the courtyard on the left. We (me and my family) were rather shocked and confused to find this machine to actually be on the site of a mosque, as if it has turned into a mini shopping mall of some sort, especially considering the bazaar building outside next to the parking lots. It is almost like the mosque authorities are actually monetizing a religious place. This instance, of course, never happened in our country. In our confusion, we did not take any pictures in this area. However, I found a picture from Wikipedia, showing the tall arches as well as the ATM itself, partially hidden by a car and a pillar just left to the entrance.


Past the tiled, open courtyard bathed in blue due to the translucent roofing above, we step into the carpeted outer prayer hall, bathed in natural light, muted by yet another translucent roofing, designed with a large eight pointed star motif. The whole roof is supported by steel beams, that also holds drop down. Fans hung low from the ceiling, whirring slowly above our heads, though it provides little comfort from the harsh afternoon heat permeating the mosque.  The prayer hall is surrounded by the Mashrabia windows, with the repeating patterns of eight pointed stars that can be seen from outside the mosque.


The outer prayer hall is covered with carpeting that featured ten pointed stars, surrounded with five pointed stars. The carpet is in beige, grey and green. The mosque is already thirteen years old so perhaps the carpet looks dull and worn. This carpeting covered all the outer prayer hall right to the edges.


Inside the main prayer hall it was another different style. The floors are covered with tile instead of the carpeting used on the outer prayer hall. The colour scheme of the hall is white and gold, with hints of soft, pastel blues, greens, creams and earthy colours. As the exterior of the mosque have influences from the Prophet’s mosque in Madinah in Saudi Arabia, so does the interior.  The main, obvious influences taken from the Prophet’s Mosque is the two panels on the either side of the Mihrab. The panels’ design are actually based on the doors of the Prophet’s Mosque. Also, the Mihrab itself is based on the Mihrab of the Mosque in Madinah.


Above the Mihrab there was a triptych of stained glass windows featuring the same eight-pointed star patterns. With soft light shining through, it elegantly illuminates the rather dark areas below the main dome.


The main dome, which is beautifully decorated in blue on the outside, is also decorated ornately. The design, which features a geometric star design that blooms all over the dome, recalls of a blooming sunflower. The design recalls of the dome of Lotfallah mosque in Isfahan, Iran albeit less decorated. The all over design features calming colours of sky blue, mint green and cream accentuated with gold that reflects the scheme of the main prayer hall.

should you have the chance to visit Kota Kinabalu, don’t forget to pay a visit to this Islamic architectural jewel set to a breathtaking backdrop of the mountains and the sea.

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