No Postings for September

Hello everyone!

I have realized that I have not posted anything for this month. Actually, I am AWARE that I did not post anything at all.

Earlier this month I was busy preparing for the new semester of university, setting up my desk, buying books, purchasing paper and ink for my printer and enrolling for the classes I am supposed to take for this semester.

Just a few days after the semester starts, I got an ugly surprise – My father is at the hospital with chest pains, which later we learned that it was in fact, blocked arteries. My father’s arteries were so clotted, he had to be send to a specialist hospital, some 50km or so from our house. He needed to be operated there.

He is, Alhamdullilah, currently fast recovering, but the time we took daily from our house to the specialist hospital, plus my day job, took a considerable chunk of the day, not to mention energy draining. Thus, I cannot allot myself for my studies every day, let alone to write another posting in the blog.

I am truly hoping my Father recovers soon and out of the hospital early. I ask for your prayers and positive thoughts for his health. Another thing that I am really sad to see him in the hospital, not able to go out and meet his grandchildren.

In the meantime, please watch this video about a carpenter who is working on a woodwork which would be installed in a Coptic Church, probably in Egypt. Islamic geometric art in Coptic church is in itself a very interesting topic to be discussed. I will find out more about this and I will share it you, Insya Allah. Note that the carpenter did not use any kind of binding to connect the pieces – the truly traditional woodwork art.


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