Logos for the Blog

I have been very busy lately, what with all the school work, my day job AND a part time job! Too much work that I cannot spend time posting articles for this little blog of mine.

But sometimes, I have little pockets of free time, usually about 30 minutes or so between tasks, often in the dead of the night (this posting is a prime example, a little time to spend between study and bedtime!) I spend this spare time doing things I like to keep my sanity, like hobbies, games or in this case, my blog!

A few weeks ago, I find myself having some spare time when my brain is most active, so I spend it making a fresh new logo for the blog. Actually not one, but TWO new logos. I am thinking of using either one (or both!) of them.Please tell me which one is most pleasoing, but do note the colours and the overall design is not in any way final, I can still tweak it up into something better…if I have the time!


This is the first logo I came up with. The logo features the name of the blog in English and Arabic in Diwani script (the Arabic text reads النجوم في تماثل) hopefully it correctly reads Stars in Symmetry. Above the text line is a 10-pointed star design, surrounded with 10 5-pointed stars. This is a very common Islamic geometric design, and I chose this particular design based on the name of the blog – it is symmetrical and there are the five pointed shape people usually associate with stars in it! The colours are still not decided yet, but I am going for two tones, so to make it simple and modern looking.


I have been tinkering with the Kufic script for a long long time. However, it is only recently that I have taken a serious interst in the Kufi Muraba’ – The Square Kufi. Usually the script is for monumental design, and traditionally created with the help of bricks. I will elaborate on this calligraphy form soon enough. Since I have been invited to a group in Facebook calling for proper and systematic approach for this kind of Kufi script, I had been watching closely the works there and the information posted. Although, to be corrected by the experts there, I have to post my work to be examined and scrutinized for any errors but again, the logo here is merely tentative. Above logo is made in the monumental Kufi Muraba’ script, in the rather popular Square form. To read this, you have to start from the bottom right, working yourself in a spiral. It still reads النجوم في تماثل but if one is not familiar with this kind of script, it may confuse. Also, there is no namesake stars featured. However, I would redesign this logo into proper stars, if I have access to time and brain juice. Braaaaaains….

What would you think be the best logo for my beloved little blog? Any comments made will be much appreciated and other inputs for example the designs or colour recommendations are also welcome. I will update the blog’s poll soon for your ease of choosing the best logo!



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2 responses to “Logos for the Blog

  1. Hello from The usa! This really is a wonderful write-up
    and which i appreciated learning it

  2. raafat el-maghrabi

    Loved the design, made a T-shirt out of it!!! It really looks three-dimentional.
    Was trying my hand at “Misr allaty fi khatiry” which translates to “Egypt on my mind”; a famous song by Om Kalthoum, and one of my favorites when I am homesick! but I am not as talented as you are.

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