April Update

Hello everyone!

This month is going to be a very, very busy month for me! For starters, I am currently juggling between work and study – meaning that I enrolled myself to a university and became a student again! I won’t be able to write long articles like before because I don’t know where to put the blog between all the work and study. However I will write articles, albeit not as often as before.
Being a student and working at the same time obviously means less time available to myself, and I also have to travel a lot more than usual. So that again will affect the blog.
I will post some articles in a few weeks time so all is not lost! I hope..
Lastly, you may notice there is something different with the blog header. I had swapped the original header image of the Muqarnas above the Hall of the Two Sisters in the Alhambra to a more simple-yet-still-ornate image of a wood panel decorated with Geometric design, since the Muqarnas image, in my opinion, is a bit too busy to appreciate.


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