Internet Finds – More Islamic Art Influenced Interior Design

I actually saw these articles from one of my favourite website, Apartment Therapy, in early February. However, I keep forgetting to post  plus I was a bit too busy since the beginning of the year that I only remembered just recently. It is a funny thing too, because I find them very interesting and also I actually gasped and wowed at the second one!

All pictures are courtesy of Apartment Therapy. Please click on the images to go directly to the articles.


The first articles takes a peek into the apartment of a Venezuelan lawyer and focuses on her custom made Mandala bookcase. The Mandala design looks -and certainly can be described as – an Islamic 12 pointed star. According to Veronica, the owner of the unique bookcase, she wanted a library, but also wanted to be different, so she commissioned a carpenter to make it for her. I liked that she added Oriental style accessories to the room i.e the rug and the lantern in the middle of the coffee table.


The second is a before-and-after article, a very dramatic transformation of a plain small room into a very busy-yet-peaceful dining room. Perhaps it is the Moroccan Zellige inspired wallpapers that strikes me the most, but actually it is the harmony of the patterns in the room that really amazed me. The whole room is designed by Matthew Patrick Smyth, who is obviously inspired by Moroccan patterns, and added modern, minimalistic furniture to it.

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