Imagining Islamic Aesthetics #1

I have not done anything under this Category for a long, long, LONG time and I think I need to post something for this long disregarded category. Only I am thinking to reboot it and change it from a weekly post concentrating on an aspect of Islamic art, architecture and culture to actually Imagining the Islamic aesthetic – visually that is.

I am thinking to post a deconstructed version of Islamic Geometric pattern I find somewhere…might be from the newspapers, the internet, my surroundings, anywhere, any designs that I might find most interesting to emulate, and redraw it in a simpler way, so you can really appreciate the one I am showing.

Without further ado, this is Imagining Islamic Aesthetics #1 –


I found this image from a tumblr site (Mihrab Musings) and it is from a Flickr site of a fellow named Hadi Fooladi. It is a photography of an underside of an Arch, looking over a minaret close by. The location is supposed to be in Iran, and I am not surprised since this kind of elegant decoration is almost always from Iran or somewhere in that region. What strikes me the most is the pattern on the underside of the arch ; it has this carpet like quality of beautiful arabesques and colours, and has an interesting pattern of the ubiquitously Islamic design of the Eight pointed star.

this is my deconstruction of the pattern to the most simplest form –


The original pattern does not repeats since it is on a linear form, on the curve of the arch. However it is quite good to be repeated. Above is the absolutely breakdown of the original pattern, with the colours matching, albeit very dull and inorganic. The pattern is in fact, the classic stars-and-cross design, but with an angeled twist. The red coloured shapes should be squares, should be it in the classic pattern, but in this example it has a rather bird like shape, with the ‘beak’ touching a square outside the star pattern , the ‘wings’ touching the squares that touches the eight pointed stars, and the ‘tail’ reaching the star itself. The result made the ‘cross’ section of the pattern has notches and bumps. In the middle of the notched ‘cross’ is another isolated eight pointed star. However in the original picture it actually -barely- touches the squares of the star pattern, with the arabesques that sprung from it.


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