New Design for the Blog

For the new year, I am trying to redesign the whole blog, just to freshen things up.


As you can see from the screenshot above (and the first time you open the website) I changed the palette from the cool, light blue to warm, earthy sepia. The overall theme is not changed, however. All the colours were swapped except for the texts and links, which still uses the light blue….Apparently, WordPress is now featuring a premium customization option that changes everything in a snap for a price. I cannot, at this moment, bypass it so I guess it had to stay.

The header is now the Mocarabe feature of the Alhambra, specifically under the dome of Sala de las dos Hermanas, or the Hall of the Two Sisters. One documentary that I watched, I remembered, describes the Mocarabe in this Hall ” like stars hovering in the heavens above the beholder” which in my opinion, suits the title of this blog.

So what do you think?Any comments would be appreciated! Articles will be posted soon.


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  1. Copied this (yesterday?) and sent a copy to my brother.

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