Happy New Year 2013

It is actually already NINE days into 2013…but I hope it is not to late to greet you all a happy new year…right?

We here in Brunei have been plagued by insufficient internet access over the last week who happened to subscribe to one of the ISPs (yes, there is only TWO isp here in Brunei!) and technical difficulties were to blame. Well, I guess my connection had technical difficulties all the time! Some days we were absolutely out of the service with the signal unavailable throughout the day that we cannot even send text messages, some days the internet worked fine, but as slow as a sloth trying to get to the upper floors using a down escalator. Like tonight.

But enough of my ramblings, let us discuss the new years – plans, hopes, aspirations and wishes. To start, I would wish the internet connection here would improve, but reread the paragraph above to see how it might never be. But hopefully, even if it does not improve, I will manage to post more about Islamic art and Architecture. I barely scratched the surface, now I need to dive into more! There are still lots to discover, to discuss and to share…which brings me to another wish – hopefully this year I can collect enough money from my job to bring myself to Islamic art and architecture capitals of world. Where might it be? Cairo, to visit the Mamluk mosques and Mausoleums? Istanbul, the admire Hagia Sofia and the Blue Mosque? Morocco, to gaze at the Zillige of the casbahs? Or perhaps Andalusia of Spain, to wonder the palaces of Alhambra and Generalife? Although, I have to admit, this is one big stretch of a widh, and I have to reconsider it owing to the condition and situation in the Middle East.

Anyway, for anything we wish and hope for the new year, I wish for all the best for all of us. Happy new year 2013!



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