Happy Third Anniversary Stars in Symmetry!

I did not realize it at all till I clicked on a lit-up,orange coloured cup/trophy/chalice shape button on the upper right hand side of my admin dashboard screen, and saw this :


Oh God, how could I forget? It is the blog’s third birthday! I actually started this blog three – THREE – years ago. Might be a small number but again, three years. I kept thinking, if I was to be married then and had a child, that kid would be running around my house now and and started learning to talk. Or if I took up a car  loan, I would be almost halfway from fully paying it, but the car would already be beaten down. But I did not.

I may not did those things, but in these three years certainly there were lots of things happening, both in my digital and real life.Things that changed my life, for better or for worse. As  friends and loved ones come and go, as happiness and sorrow felt, the blog grew on. I got invited to seminars and lectures on Islamic designs, I went to places where the subject mattered, saw exclusive screenings and previews, and above all, getting to know more about my religion and my culture, our traditional art that we inherited from generation to generation, getting to intimately know more about those graceful arabesques, the glorious geometric designs, the illustrious calligraphy, the proud architecture . The Islamic art. The Islamic culture. The Islamic tradition. The Islamic heritage.

It has been a great journey, and yet I barely scratched the surface. Three years on, and I am still curious and passionate about Islamic art and architecture as I was then. Here’s hoping for another year and more of discovery and enlightenment.


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