Observation – Modern Moroccan Interior Designs

Some weeks ago I was rambling about the take on today’s society on the Islamic -or rather, the Arabian/Moroccan/Indian aesthetics. As soon as I posted the article on the blog, I get these random Modern interior design articles and pictures with some sort of Moroccan flair to them everywhere ; on Facebook, Google, blogs that I am following and reading. But it was all pretty much random or just very little influence of the so called Modern  Moroccan style I ended up uninterested and ignoring them…

So a few days ago I was browsing through Facebook and sure enough another series of pictures about this style pops up ; this time, it is in the form of an album in a Facebook Page. I was reading the authors comment about where he obtained the pictures (he got it from a magazine he got in his mail) and his views about the theme which incidentally was one of the 2012 Home Fashion Trends for the summer. On the album there was a website link that leads to a furniture shop and subsequently the style inspiration page.

The style I found on the site uses quite a number of Moroccan elements such as hammered lights, the intricate wallpaper and patterned fabrics, bright, pops of exotic colours as well as furniture influenced by the forms of the traditional ones. (clicking on the pics will get you to the site. All pictures are property of highfashionhome.com)


Modern Moroccan styles are apparently fashionable of late, though it was quite a a loose term my opinion. Forget the dreamy, exotic, colour heavy Casbahs and Riads in the city of Fez and Marrakesh, for perhaps that would pop into your mind with the mention of ‘Moroccan’. Interior designers took some  elements of the traditional Moroccan or Arabian design and brought them into Modern styles. This mostly means taking a pattern such as the Zellige tiles, although due to the adherence to Modern style which is usually minimalistic, the patterns were heavily edited and simplified, to be used for curtains and fabric for the upholstery. They also took some kind or furniture or accessories mostly found in the traditional Moroccan Decor for example a hammered iron or copper antique lamp, or an octagonal side table (simplified as well, abandoning the heavily painted look), or perhaps an ottoman pouf. Though sometimes, one can note that the designers are pretty much loose on the definition of Moroccan style – get some ethnic, exotic elements into a theme and slap a Moroccan label on it – even if that particular ethnic, exotic element had nothing to do with Morocco or Arab art at all!

They also sometimes use traditional Islamic art patterns for wallpapers, which, in my opinion, would make the style look more faithful to the namesake. Again, though, they were simplified, for the sake of keeping it minimalistic and modern, usually into solid pattern forms such as the eight-pointed stars, instead of those amazingly intricate designs we see, known and loved.


To be honest, I do like the style, I like the play on both the traditional and modern elements but however I am not looking forward to it because it somehow disregard the real beauty of the traditional art…unless it has a real authentic pattern off an Islamic art that would garner my interest! What do you think?



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