A simple update

I have been, again, struggling with my internet connection. It keeps dropping every few minutes, making posting simple, few paragraphs worth of post a frustrating experience.

So, I am actively trying other methods of keeping up this blog. I recently obtained an Android tablet and I just installed the WordPress application from the Google Store ; in fact, I am writing this on my tab. I didn’t go with the certain fruit named tablet because it doesn’t have the right features that I required, plus the pricing is downright exorbitant for someone like me.

Another reason that I think this might be a good idea is that when the cursed connection I am having is that a tablet is considerably lighter than my laptop (It is hard to lug around something that weights almost 2kg). Though, it is actually hard to do your typing on a tablet,it at least compensates carrying a co puter around and to be honest,the onscreen keyboad is good enough to use, although not in rapid typing I am used to on a traditional computer with a keyboard.

I am looking forward to hopefully more post that can be done on my tab. Ah, technology…one moment you are annoying and another you are making my life easier.


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