Internet Finds – TEDxSummit intro: The power of x

A few weeks ago, my facebook wall was quite abuzz with this video about something mentioning a dance that imitates the Islamic geometry design. Comments were all positive, many say it was very impressive, some say amazing. I was, of course, very interested and excited to see what is it all about! However, having a very undependable internet connection, I couldn’t open the video at all, not even in the lowest quality possible! For shame..

Now, in the dead of the night, I can finally see the whole video on an acceptable setting and by goodness the comments were right, he video is just amazing to see!

I quote the description in the video page on Youtube –

Dancers + camera + kaleidoscope = this infinitely gorgeous short video. (Watch in 1080p fullscreen if you can.) It’s made for TEDxSummit, an unprecedented gathering of TEDx organizers from around the world– and the video celebrates “the power of x” to multiply great ideas.

The video, as the description above said, were a combination of many artistic elements. The whole video was shot using an eighteen metre tall mirrored triangular structure (imagine that!) with the help of dancers whose choreography created designs with their poses. Since they were using a triangle structure, the designs recreated were six-pointed in nature – hexagrams and hexagons. It is simply a sight to behold!


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