Troublesome Connection

My last post was…on the 12th of September. And that makes it a little over a month now. WOW.

I had difficulties keep up this blog because the internet connection here is getting worse and worse by the day! I even had trouble checking my emails that once the connection was out for a few days, when I finally get a trickling of kilobytes going through my connection, I had almost a hundred of them in my inbox, a number needed immediate attention. Since I was on such an unstable connection I had to reply them at approximately one or two, max three emails per hour.

In my frustration, I had to go to cafes and other public places just to be able to reply emails as well as to keep this blog up. And actually currently I am hogging a public wifi connection and doing it in the middle of the night. That’s how far I am going so to get a good internet going to update on everything. So hopefully I will gets ome articles posted today…I mean tonight.



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2 responses to “Troublesome Connection

  1. Sorry to hear that. What is the cause of the Problem?

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