Islamic Wallpapers…Real ones!

If you had follow this blog since its inception, I am sure you have known by now that I am, with the service of a separate website, have been selling fabrics, prints, wall decals, posters,  shirts and other stuff. I came up with the design and then the websites – and – manufacture them in their respective products and then sell them. So far I am not lucky in this business, although I have to say I am not very confident in my designs so I need to improve myself first and then maybe I can sell more.

click on the pictures to see my storefront in both of the websites.

REDBUBBLE – For prints, stickers, shirts (including babies!) and hoodies –

SPOONFLOWER – For fabrics of different kinds and of course, designs.

My Spoonflower storefront is empty at the moment, but I will approve the designs I am selling very soon.

There is an interesting development in the Spoonflower website – they are now offering removable wallpapers! Now someone actually emailed me asking if they can use my design for their homes, to be put up as wallpapers and considering that,I have been thinking about buying my own designs off their site in the form of canvas fabrics to make them as wallpapers, but I find that their prices for the fabrics are quite high for a yard and considering that you need quite a sum of money just to cover one wall!

Thankfully now they are offering removable wallpapers that are very simple to apply – just add water! I am considering to redecorate my room but I couldn’t bring myself to paint the walls because…you know, its not my own place. But I need to consider putting up wallpapers because the walls are pathetically thin and made of some sort of building grade plywood so it gets quite noisy especially with the neighbours with their power tools in the early mornings! With this option in the Spoonflower website, I might be able to redecorate it afterall.

I am thinking of getting the design below, though I am not really sure if it will work with my *shudder* painted lacquer red room. I will buy a few rolls sometime soon, and once I put them up, I will post another on this subject, and then maybe you can join in the fun by purchasing a few rolls for yourself. If you have some ideas about this and maybe suggestions for me, do comment or email me, I need the help!




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2 responses to “Islamic Wallpapers…Real ones!

  1. Hamba Allah

    Assalamualikum. I was just looking for ideas or tutorials on how to create designs and logos and then I was brought to your blog. I think the designs are all very interesting. There’s this logo competition (due June’13) and I’m very interested in computing and editing, but considering it’s an important competition where you have to be a real pro in designing and unfortunately my talent hasn’t come to that stage yet, I really would appreciate it if you could give me some tutorials or maybe just list down all the steps on how you make your designs. I like that your designs are combined with Islamic concept. So I really hope you’d help and to give you a little insight about the competition and the kind of logo I’m thinking of doing, I’ll make you a list.

    1. It must have Brunei’s emblem
    2. It must contain the number 30
    3. All text must also be written in Jawi
    4. For everything put on the logo, there has to be a reason behind (everything must have meanings)
    5. I want my logo to symbolize Brunei’s achievements

    Sorry for sounding demanding, but really, may Allah bless you for any of your future acts towards my message.

    Do contact me on my email:

    Please let me know what you think. Thank you

    • Waalaikumsalam,

      Thank you for visiting the blog! I assume you are trying to create the logo for the 30th National Day of Brunei? I am really sorry I cannot really help you in this, since I don’t really have the experience of designing logos. My designs are mostly artistic in nature and very open and free and I am not really experienced designing within certain limits and rules. However, if I have to say something about this, I would tell you to study the theme for the national day first then make your own interpretation, while limiting yourself to the rules you mentioned. Try looking for past logos for inspiration but take note not to copy any elements from them. Remember the MIB philosophy and try to incorporate them into the design. Other general tips I would give you is that you should just keep designing on paper first, and then you can recreate the ones you like and improve them on your computer.
      Its not much, but I hope these will help you .

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