Internet Finds – Mihrab Musings

Somehow my connection is still problematic here, but I am trying my best to fix it. In the meantime, I am posting an article, while the connection is running adequately.

I went this Tumblr site a few weeks back thanks to a fellow Islamic Art aficionado and I had been hooked since. Though I should post this long ago, the internet is really faulty I can only post it now. (Please click on the picture to go to the link)

Mihrab Musings is a Tumblr site of a representation of everything beautiful in Islam. You can find so many aspects of Islamic life here, representative in wondrous beauty. You can find the ubiquitous Islamic art and architeture such as calligraphy in all shapes and forms both traditional and modern interpretations, beautiful Mosques from Africa to Asia to America, geometric art in tiles, ceramics, window grilles…pretty much every aspect of Islamic art are being shown here.

The site doesn’t stop at representative, physical beauty – It also shows the charms and fascination in the Islamic and Muslim life; prayers in both written and audio form, famous quotes from the Qur’an, the Traditions of the Prophet and notable Islamic scholars about life , smiling Muslim children, people in prayer, people in meditation, the elderly engrossed in the prayer books…simply the beautiful side of Islamic life.

Some of the pictures on display were taken from Flickr, Instagram and other social photography networks. Most were reblogged and ‘Liked’ by bloggers all around the world.

A visit to this Tumblr is an awesome experience, when all the Islamic art combines it creates a poetic majesty – a befitting representation of the very subject the site exhibit ; Islam.


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