FINALLY! Renewing the website

I finally have enough funds to renew the domain! Yes I should be ashamed because it only costs US$18 (about BN$23, the local currency) but then,I am not making any money from this blog (no one clicks on the ads, obviously! It’s just there for some sort of cosmetic effect ), and even though I have a full time job  (that bars me from completely devoting my time to this website) most of my puny amount of salary goes to my family.

So the domain is up and running, and there should be no problems with the site now…hopefully…at least not until next year. I will post more articles in a few weeks time, it’s getting busy here with Ramadhan and the upcoming Eid, so I won’t be very much active this month. I am sorry for the inconveniences this issue caused and thank you for reading my blog!


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