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Someone who is in a group that I am in on Facebook pointed out about this particular website that offers a paint-like program online. It is interesting (and I had been playing it around for days now) because it might be used for Islamic Geometric art.

Interface of InspirARTion website. Please click on the picture to visit the site

The website is some sort of online Photoshop program…albeit a rather compact and simpler one. It is complete with a set of brushes ranging from solid lines to a feathered effect brush, a range of customizable colours both for the brush and background and the brushes are resizable as well, although only three different setting. The options, as I had said, were akin to a compact Photoshop or Paint-type program. But, another option makes this online app interesting.

The Symmetry option in the program adds a whole spectrum of possibilities and even enables one to effortlessly create an Islamic geometric artwork. The Symmetry option allows you to choose between Horizontal, Vertical or Kaleidoscope (two diagonal lines crossing each other) symmetries, or you can choose to combine them. Drawing a line in one point of the canvas will draw another according to your Symmetry options. With these settings in place, you can create amazing symmetrical mandalas in monochromatic scheme or as colourful as your heart desires.

As for creating Islamic-type art with this program, you can create geometric designs very easily, as long as you have steady hands! you can recreate six-pointed stars pattern with the horizontal and vertical symmetry lines and eight pointed stars can be made with the Kaleidoscope option.  The lines won’t be as straight as you might with a set of ruler on a  piece of paper, but it saves you from using a set of compass! But with patience you can create flourishing works of Islamic art effortlessly in a short time .

Check out my work! I am sure that you can do a lot better art than my, so play around!


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