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There’s too much things troubling my heart and mind right now and it has been going on quite a while now,  but it seems like blogging releases a bit of that stress. So enough with the personal things and now I am here to post another article about a very informative website on Islamic art and architecture you might be interested to visit. is a very extensive and informative website on Islamic art and architecture, written by a team of authors including writers from established museums around the world, on various subjects within Islamic arts and architecture that ranges from mosque architecture and decoration to glass craftsmanship and everything in between.

The website interface, although initially might be confusing for some, offer articles sorted into a number of categories such as Architecture, Art, Collections etc. Articles were also sorted by date posted as well as popular posts and a ticker that shows random articles. Viewer can easily read articles that they want from the homepage of the website.

The articles were, as you might expect, expertly written. They were enjoyable reads whether it touches the subjects of Islamic art or experiences and stories from the writers. Obviously, this website is a far cry from my blog – the website is full of information from specialists of the field, backed up by references which, obviously, I don’t have access to.

The website also features many, many high res photos and  illustrations that includes oriental paintings and study maps. While you are not reading the articles you will enjoy the many pictures offered on each article. Some of the pictures were high res enough to be made into your desktop wallpaper!

If you have a very deep interest in Islamic art and architecture you will not want to skip this website.


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