Internet Finds – Islamic Culture – Geometry Video

the internet here in Brunei is simply infuriating. Last night getting my posts through is a struggle – I was up until around 3am until I gave up and shut down my laptop Now the connection has gotten slightly better, I take the chance to post at least one thing that I wanted to last night before the connection worsen again.

I am a member of a particular group about Islamic art in Facebook and of course, many of the posts there are simply inspiration, like this video –

And again, strangely enough the video appears to be just a link. Please click on the link, I promise you it is worth half a minute of the whole video.

The video is simply showing the construction of an eight-pointed star and its variation. It is simple, fascinating video that shows the steps taken mathematically to build the ubiquitous eight pointed star so common in the Islamic art and architecture

UPDATE – So the video finally shows! Saves my readers from clicking the link LOL


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