Miscellaneous Post – 14k+ Views!

I haven’t had much time for the blog these past few weeks but once I do, I am pretty surprised to look at the blog’s stats – last month the blog received more than 14,000 views! A new record for the blog LOL. I am sure many of you accomplished bloggers would think “Pah, my blog gets that number of views every single day!” But then sir/madam, I am very new to this blogging scene, so it is to me, quite an accomplishment!

The surprising stats!

Looking at the blog now and looking back to the day I first started, it feels like I am nurturing a baby – it’s a hard work and it is slowly growing, but there is a sense of accomplishment seeing it grew well. I am now aiming to blog more as I get more time but as you would probably know, most of my time are taken by the demands of my day work. Here’s hoping for the best for many years to come.

Expect more posts about my visit to the KL Islamic museum, and a few articles on what i found looking around the internet and my own research, as well as my own Islamic art projects and perhaps some book reviews!



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