Latest News from the Admin

Another 3 weeks of no posts, I am very sorry to keep you, my readers, waiting. I had a little ‘experimental’ vacation past few weeks and I did not bring my laptop because I might be charged with extra weight in my luggage! (the ‘perk’ of flying cheaply with a low-cost carrier). So my little vacation is over and there is work to be done both in the office and here in this blog…but my time is mostly committed to the problems at the office and now I have a little bit of time to spend on the blog.

During my vacation I *did* check up on the blog a few times and noticed that my application for adding some small ads under each posts have been accepted so if you notice something different…well, they are the ads. Nothing drastic I suppose. You might notice I haven’t put up the page for donations yet – I ran a few problems with setting up the Paypal account so I simply stopped. Though donations are still welcome :p

On a personal note, I ‘celebrated’ my birthday last month. Yikes, 25 years old now and I haven’t accomplished much. I guess I have to be serious from now on. Also I have re-obtained my lost ring during my vacation as a birthday present for myself…sounds pathetic, isn’t it?

I guess that is the news from the admin, stay tuned for more posts about my visit to the Islamic Museum when I had my vacation with my family to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and perhaps an odd post here and there.


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