(Failed) Projects – Islamic Pattern Lampshade

I do quite some DIY projects during my adult life especially after I got a good paying work to buy the materials because simply I like to create things. But like many things, sometimes the project doesn’t come out the right way that you wanted – you thought up the project in your head, the materials needed, the work et al. Of course during this period, everythitng is perfect, until you realize something is wrong in your plans and you already did it and there is no turning back and ultimately screw the whole thing up.

This one project is one of them.

I obtained one of the few cheaper item available in the local IKEA store – the LAMPAN table lamp. It is a simple but effective bedside lamp with a too easily removable plastic lampshade. When I got it I thought, I can make a new, Islamic geometry, lampshade with some black construction paper and some laminate I got lying around the room. So armed with a brand new box cutter,a template copied from a printed photo of a wooden door from Egypt and white coloured pencil, I went with the project one night.

I stated with measuring the circumference of the lamp, and it is exactly the length of three construction papers put side to side. I work the papers one by one, copying the pattern of the template using a white colour pencil. It is a simple process requiring just a bit of my time since the patterns fit nicely with the width of the construction paper.

Template on the construction paper, with the drawn white lines

After the pattern copying was done I cut them out – a rather simple process if I use scissors but the if I do they will fall apart. Instead I used some extra sharp box cutters (it actually cut through the board and onto the desk!) making sure that the pattern are cleanly cut. Then it was just a matter of popping out the patterns, and laying them between the sheets of laminating plastics.

The cut construction paper lied side by side on my carpet…so it isn’t really clear

Now, laminating the whole thing would be much more simpler with a laminating machine, as well as if the article being laminated is flat. But for this project I have to laminate them in a cylindrical shape to conform to the lamp’s shape and to stick the pieces together (because if I use some type of glue or tape to stick them together it wouldn’t look like a single piece…or so I thought)

Using a pair of hot hair straightener I laminated the pieces together. I thought it was going nicely when I realized the irons weren’t long enough it didn’t reach the middle of the pieces. So with all my efforts, I still didnt managed to fully laminate the whole thing up.

The finished ‘lampshade’ at night

Although this was, in my opinion, a failure, it still sits on the LAMPAN table lamp and frankly it gives of a nice pattern in the night and the laminate does a good job soften the light which would be too harsh without the included lampshade. I like to think that I am learning from all of this and hopefully I will have another chance at making another – I already thought of a lampshade for a pendant light out of a single paper!

*NOTE – there is some problem with uploading pics with WordPress, I will update this post when I can- you can’t really appreciate the post without the pictures!

UPDATE – Finally got the pics on…shrunk them to a considerably small size so that they can be posted here. Note to self – just use the iPod camera.



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2 responses to “(Failed) Projects – Islamic Pattern Lampshade

  1. I love islamic patterns (particularly the geometric ones) and have been following your blog regularly and find it very interesting. I would love to see the lampshade you have made and hope you would upload the pictures of soon.
    Meanwhile there is a good instructable at this link to make a lovely Islamic patterned lampshade which may interest you.

    • Thank you for your comment! I already know about the lampshade and I am actually working on it…I will post it when it is finished 🙂

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