Internet Finds – Shangri La Hawaii – A Centre for Islamic Art and Cultures

It seems like my internet connection is getting better tonight so I take the chance to post something on this blog. I was looking through the comments both pending and spam and I am wondering how can these comments come into the blog…those ranging from saving coupons to real estate to a certain range of electronics gadgets with a fruity name to….adult entertainment? But it is always nice to see real comments from my readers, constructive, praises and corrections to my mistake-ridden posts.

Last week, just after I finished my long delayed post, I got a comment from a reader, telling me about this walk-in museum about Islamic Art. I actually didn’t know that this certain museum exists until now…perhaps because of the location. Very unlikely location for exhibitions of Islamic Art..

Shangri La in  Honululu Hawaii (see what I meant?) houses an extensive collection of Islamic Art owned by Doris Duke. The sumptuous estate is now a center for Islamic art and Culture, supported by the Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art, which created in her will to promote the appreciation and understanding of Islamic art.

As I said above, the museum or actually the center houses very extensive collection of Islamic art from all around the world. mostly form the middle eastern lands. Rooms were made into replicas of  Middle Eastern interiors such as Moroccan and Syrian, decorated with artifacts from respective countries from the collection. The center also have symposiums and other special events from time to time. Looking at the virtual tour, I feel the place is a really interactive learning place for Islamic art…very extensive collection housed in traditional Arabian compound. I wish I could be there!

Here is the link to the website and you can take a virtual tour of the estate, as well as view the collections gallery (click on the picture to go to the website) –



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2 responses to “Internet Finds – Shangri La Hawaii – A Centre for Islamic Art and Cultures

  1. Cabot

    I’ve recommended to any of my friends going to Hawaii on vacation to check this out, and all those who have gone,couldn’t say enough about how great a place this is. I hope to go there too one day. There is an age minimum, so no little kiddies…Thanks for posting!

    • Looking at the images, I am quite sure that it is a fantastic place to visit while in Hawaii, especially for those who are very much interested in Islamic Art like us! I honestly envy those who were able to visit the Centre. Although I did not know there is an age limit, which is a pity to be honest, because children can learn lots visiting sites such as this – perhaps a children’s section should be introduced?

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