Recent (un)activities..

I really have a serious case of chronic procrastination! The blog posting is slowing down to a trickle nowadays, mainly becuase I am simply too lazy or my health got worse. These few months I have been coughing the hell off myself and worsen during the end of February and the early weeks of March. Thankfully I am getting much better now, but I suspect that my daily medication for my health condition is the culprit.

During my break time I worked on my art…which in recent years transformed from portraiture and illustrations to ornamental arabesques. But again, as a chronic procrastinator, it could take months before I can finish anything. I have 4 designs in my canvas, but only one is in around 75% completion, and others 40% to 20%. If I finished these, Insya Allah, I will upload them to them here as Projects. Here is a sneak peek –

This is in my opinion, my most complex scrollwork to date. I will continue painting this again over the weeks and hopefully it will be finished. In the meanwhile I will reedit my KL visit photos again and when I am finished I will post a continuation of the prior article on my visit the the Islamic Art Museum in Malaysia.



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  1. sana

    Love this one! The arabesque is a perfect balance of everything!

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