Technicals – Making Hexagon Using a Ruler and a Compass

It seems like I still have problems with wordpress regarding uploading my pictures during my trip to KL -even the smallest,  compressed to the very lowest quality ones- so I guess I have to postpone it, even the monthly Imagining Islamic Aesthetic posts had to be put on hold. Instead I am going to post about how to make a Hexagon (and subsequently, a perfect Hexagram) using two equipments a Mathematician should be familiar with and should have access to should he or she wants to make geometrical shapes – a ruler and a geometric set compass. I can post the instructional pics here because frankly the images are very basic and that’s all WordPress can download at the moment.

Start with two lines – horizontal and vertical. In the middle of the cross you just made put your compass on the point and draw a perfect circle.

Using your compass, point the sharp end to the point where the horizontal line meets the circle and your compass’ pencil point to the center. Then, still the sharp end at the point and the length from the circle and line meeting point unaltered, draw a semi circle. Referring to the figure above, the green line on the horizontal line is the length between the circle-horizontal meeting point and the centre and the semi-circle. Do the same step to the opposite side.

Then its just a matter of connecting the meeting points in the circle. Erasing all the guidelines you will have a regular hexagon.

However,  joining each point of the Hexagon like the figure above, you will have a Hexagram, a six-pointed star. Note that this is a not a perfect representation of both Hexagon and a Hexagram since I am doing it on Paint.



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2 responses to “Technicals – Making Hexagon Using a Ruler and a Compass

  1. Krista

    Thank you sooo much! It helped me to do my project that will be pass tomorrow. More power to you and God Bless! :))

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