Donation Page for the Blog

Honestly, I had to think quite a lot about setting up a donation page for this blog.

For your information, I never obtained anything from this blog. The ads in the blog does absolutely nothing (just an ad for my private venture) since 2 years ago. Truthfully when I started this blog I wanted to get some financial gains while talking about one of my favourite subject – Islamic Art. As time passes and efforts done my heart grows fonder with each and every post I made towards the Islamic art and the blog, I don’t care about any money-making then.

However I also want to try achieve my dreams… Looking at the pictures of Islamic architectural masterpieces on my blog making me very curious and excited to see these monuments myself – Taj Mahal in  India, the Shah Mosque in Iran, the mosques of Syria, Egypt- how it made me wow and gasped each time I see a new view of the majestic beauties of  Islamic art. However, making less than USD10,000 per year, even less with monthly commitments I don’t think these dreams could be achieved soon.

I also have a dream of quitting my day job  and pursuing my studies  in a particular Islamic Art and Architecture university in Amman, Jordan. however, with my current job I almost definitely cannot apply for Government working scholarship to enroll to the University, and so far I haven’t had any chance for a  Private scholarship. So again, it is a rather farfetched dream for me.

So I am (rather hesitantly and red-faced from embarrassment) creating a special donations page if you, my readers, could be kind enough and donate.

I’ll go and hide from civilization now.



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