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I was looking for picture materials for a articular old mosque in Indonesia when I found this site – Apparently this site is an online retail store selling cool hip stuff targeted to the young Muslim demography…but there is plenty of online goodies that you can download such as cute stickers and colouring books for young kids, and also (that my eyes caught) desktop wallpapers featuring Islamic art and architecture. Pay them a visit – you might see something you like! There are plenty of cool things here in the online retail shop like women’s fashion, accessories and kids stuff…and also features a cute twitter button 🙂


Though I have to tell you that the site is in Deutsch so you have to scroll down a bit on every post to read the English translation.



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2 responses to “Internet Finds –


    Dear Azim,

    I’ve been meaning to ask if you have ever come across the Doris Duke’s Center for Islamic Arts and Cultures?
    I can only imagine that you have at least stumbled upon it in your impressive research, but thought I would share the link. I’ve never been, only read about it in books and on line, and certainly hope to go one day. Very impressive indeed! Enjoy, I hope you feel better.


    • Hello, thanks for your comment! and contrary to what you said, no I haven’t stumbled upon this website and oh my goodness how ignorant I am! This is a very impressive collection and like you, I would like to somehow, someday come here. Thank you for leading me to this website!

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