A Vacation to Kuala Lumpur

Last week me and my family went to the neighbouring country Malaysia’s capital city, Kuala Lumpur. I went there with my parents and my older brother, just to have a little vacation from our daily life. We arrived on Friday on the 11th of November (a rush though since we had to go to the airport immediately after the Friday prayers!) and returned last Thursday for a total of 6 days spent in the glitzy metropolis (and a night in a very cramped hotel room) and I’m still dizzy from the flight…   It’s not all fun and shopping for us – or at least me- though. One of the reason I went to KL is that I wanted to visit a museum that is totally dedicated to the Islamic Art and architecture. I really enjoyed that place and somehow I wanted to visit it again when I got the chance. We also visited some places which has a bit of Islamic art put here and there…Kuala Lumpur is populated prominently by mostly Muslim Malays and Indians so it not really surprising.

The Sultan Abdul Samad Building, one of the main landmark Kuala Lumpur. Although we haven’t got a chance to tour the building , we passed it a few times during our trip to the city center. It looks majestic enough in real with its Moorish architecture and copper domes. The Masjid Jamek is also very near and we haven’t got a chance to go there either….hmm.

The KLCC twin tower from our apartment in Pudu (22nd floor, nevertheless!) We only managed to get to the Aquaria and the shopping complex of the KLCC but we got a closeup look at the twin towers. I never seen such tall building before so it is quite an awesome sight looking to the top of the tower from the bottom (and very dizzying). We could’ve get into the tower but RM50 per person for admission? I think I’ll pass. and so the rest of the family. I learned that the architect took inspiration of Islamic geometrical designs and put it into the plan of the tower.

An Indian restaurant somewhere nearby a bazaar on Jalan Masjid India. It is called so because of the mosque nearby. the road is lined with colourful old buidings and shophouses which I believe some maybe dated before the independence of Malaysia. The place is popular particularly with Muslim tourists because of the Muslim garments and accessories sold there. My mum apparently had a blast browsing and shopping there.

The Museum Guide booklet and map, as well as the ticket to the Islamic Arts Museum. I’m very surprised that the place is not really well known despite that the fact it holds many, many artifacts of Muslim history and despite the fact that it sits just next to the National Mosque! I learned so many  there, took plenty of photos as well as picked up an interesting book, so expect to read a whole series of posts regarding the Museum!



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2 responses to “A Vacation to Kuala Lumpur

  1. nice read. i envy you. wish i could go to KL.

    salam and keep up this great blog. Muslims have forgotten their amazing mosaic heritage. they are forbidden arts now. they need people like you to remind them of this

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