Internet Finds – Journal of Ottoman Calligraphy

I featured Illuminated Qur’an manuscript on the last post and took most of the pictures on this website (please click on the picture to get to the blog) –

The Journal of Ottoman Calligraphy mainly focuses on the calligraphy works but it also features an extensive collection  of manuscripts, mostly from the Ottoman Empire. The periods covered span from the 8th Century to the current century with a variety of styles of calligraphy and themes. There are examples of illuminated Qur’an manuscripts as well as collection of poems and other secular texts.

There are also articles on museums and libraries as well as their respective information, very helpful indeed if you plan to make an excursion to the galleries should you visit the cities the articles featured.

There are biographies of the calligraphers if you are interested in learning the masters behind the works because, as you know, calligraphy is a hard but wondrous skill to master. Seeing the works fatured you might want to learn the men whose hands skillfully and masterful creates the calligraphy with strokes of the pen.


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