Internet Finds – The Tiles of Infinity

A friend and ,artist and fellow Islamic Art enthusiast linked this article from the Saudi Aramco World magazine on Facebook. I scrolled through the articles quickly and thought –


But since I had some spare time to kill I decided to read this piece of article and honestly it amazes me. Moral of the story – never scroll through a webpage, you might miss a very important and amazing knowledge.

Please click on the above image to go to the article.

This one online article from the Saudi Aramco World magazine is entitled ‘The Tiles of Infinity’ and it follows the study of a scholar from Harvard University, Peter J Lu regarding the tiles decorating the mosques from Esfahan to Baghdad. The article features the tiles and it’s significance to the relatively modern discovery of the Penrose tiling and the fact that Islamic artisans have used the very same tiling pattern 500 years before Penrose!

It is a very mathematical and very educational look into the Girih tiles of Iran and Iraq. I won’t elaborate more so I left to you to read the rest of the article.


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