Technicals – Different Shapes, Simillar Tessellations

There is an article that had been posted before about creating a pattern or tessellation using just one simple prism shape. (click here to go to the article) This article is a continuation of the prior posting.

Following are three different variations of the pattern. They are basically similar in tessellation and repeating pattern, however using different prism shapes produces fairly different results.

This is basically a simple modification of the prism by curving the sides , and the edges transformed from a sharp pointed edge to a single curve on each edge. Even though it is just a simple change, but the overall pattern changes significantly – the negative spaces between the prisms changes into curved stars as opposed to the sharp geometric shapes.

This is an even simpler shape than the prior article’s prism shape. A regular rectangle with soft curved sides are arranged into the same pattern, resulting in negative spaces in the shapes of thick stars with short, blunt points. This shape and pattern is pretty much fitting into a modern decor, perhaps as a modern Islamic inspired pattern.

Another simple modification to the prism with a triangular shape jutting out of the middle of the shape. An easy modification but yet creates a significant change. The negative space created with the shapes resembles four-pointed stars with the points cut. However, with the extra point jutting out, the overall pattern covers a larger space.


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