Internet Finds – Naturayarte

It has been a very, very long time since I posted an article under this category. But a few weeks ago, I was browsing through my daily feed of blogs when I see this piece of gem and I can’t help but to promote it to you!

The blog is in Spanish, actually, so it is quite hard to navigate around, though he does provide a translation for some of his texts. This is a direct excerpt from his “About” page –

Naturayarte is an art project that allows my small family and I to live by doing what we love.  I use components from nature that help me complete my ideas surrounding what I consider to be art. I believe that each object in nature and living being has, imprinted in its self, art in its purest form. The colors of a butterfly, mineral glass, a majestic tree, etc., are a form of art that delights the senses, and for me nature is a wonderful way to experience creativity.  There are carvers with their wood, sculptors who labor over a piece of wood, and we artists who use leaves as a medium of artistic impression (something which I find to be new and exciting).  Of course, I don’t want to forget painting, which I find inspiring and educational.  Each time that I have an idea, whatever it is, first I want to put it on paper … and there is where everything starts.

Above these words is a photo of my first four drafts (which is what I’m doing more these days).  Some of these are already sold, but are still part of my work, so I put them here in my “virtual space”.

you can read more of the history as well as the process here

What strikes me the most are his leaf art…very intricate and nicely done – in Islamic geometric and Arabesque designs nevertheless! The level of detail is just amazing, especially designs as complicated as arabesques where there are lots of curves, one single wrong flick of the cutting knife would ruin everything.  visit the blog here and feast your eyes…



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2 responses to “Internet Finds – Naturayarte

  1. Ana

    Thank you for sharing this with us!

    Some of his designs are really intricate, all beautiful!

    • You’re welcome! I agree with you , all are incredible and very delicate…sometimes you wonder how someone can create such beauty with his hands.

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