My Fellow American

No I am not an American, though I would like to take an opportunity in this little blog of mine to spread a good message, a very good cause  to all of my readers.

Being a Muslim and living in an independent Islamic state all my life, I am very lucky to lead a life where i can do anything I want for my faith and beliefs but that is not the case for my fellow brothers and sisters who lived in other countries where Islam and the Muslim society is considered a minority. When I read news about any kind of discrimination I feel rather disturbed and sad – people, whatever they are and whatever they believe in deserved to be treated equally. That said, I believe that every person is entitled to their choice of beliefs and faith and everyone deserve the rights to be what they wanted to be.

a few weeks ago I got an email from someone named Elizabeth Potter. A bit surprised, not knowing who this person was, she came and gave me a simple message about religious equality, in this case, Islam, in America. I will quote her message –

 America has always been a melting pot, but in the post-9/11 world the environment can be downright hostile. Recent mosque protests and congressional hearings on American Muslims are all unfortunate examples of a rising tide of fear towards our fellow Americans.

I made a point to myself to reply to her as soon as possible, as I am eager to participate in spreading the message. However due to some issues I am facing and the subsequent works and being very busy I forgot to send an email. She emailed me the second time which then I replied the soonest I got the email. So this post is for this one cause – to show that Americans and the whole world generally that Muslims are your neighbours and friends, sometimes even your own relative! Muslims are just like you and me, normal, real life people. They are not evil and neither does their faith. And as I said before, each and every one of us are entitled to our own beliefs, faiths, cultures and values, so why not us Muslims?

For Muslims who are reading this post, let us work to dispel the Muslim stereotype. Let’s help spread the word!

This is a video about the cause (and honestly it touched me)

For more information, read the stories, watch the videos or take a pledge,go to the website at

For the Facebook page you can click this link


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