Technicals – Arranging the Six-Pointed Star

I had this in my laptop for quite a while now so I think it is best to post it here today. I had noted the technique of creating a proportioned six pointed star before and now the question is how to arrange them in traditional Islamic art.

The six-pointed star is a very common motif in Islamic art. The usage outside Islamic art can be traced in history. In religion it is mainly associated with Judaism, viewed as two triangles overlapping each other, while the six points represent the Twelve tribes, and the two interlacing triangles are the letters Dalet and Yud in Hebrew, the two letters assigned to Judah. It is also being repeatedly used in flags. The six-sided star or hexagram is a powerful symbol used in heraldry and occultism. but enough of that, let’s get to the point which is how to assemble the stars into motifs that commonly occur in Islamic art. Please note that I had rotated the stars so that it would not be associated with any religion, which in this article it is purely for artistic reasons, not for religious or occultism.

This is one of the common arrangement of the six-pointed star in Islamic art. The stars met with another star by the points and forming a negative space between them  creating the shape of a hexagon. This may be added with details such as hexagons in the middle of the six-pointed stars (remember that the six-pointed star is made from the shape of a hexagon)

By arranging the stars with every points of each star touching one other you will end up with a design that leaves a negative space between the stars in the shape of a diamond.  This is also a common motif in Islamic and again details can be added such as adding hexagons in the middle of each stars.

In this design, the stars are arranged in a linear fashion – both horizontally and vertically. This creates two different negative spaces between the stars. The vertical spaces formed a diamond shape polygon while horizontally the spaces are in another different polygon shape.



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  1. Nice write up. I enjoy visiting your blog to get inspiration. I am doing some work on geometric Islamic pattern and an easy way of drawing them using triangular and square grids.
    Please visit my blog to see some photographs of the beautiful geometrical Islamic patterns on the not so well known Paigah tombs at Hyderabad , India and my attempt to draw them .

    Link is given below


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