Observations – The Sword of the Prophet Muhammad and the Staff of Prophet Moses Exhibition part.3 ; The Ottoman Armoury

This is the third part of the exhibition post I had been writing (typing?). The last two I had featured The swords of the Prophet and his companions and manuscripts. For this part we look into another gallery of the exhibition. This gallery mainly features the history of the Islamic civilization from the age of the Prophet Muhammad up until the Ottoman sultanate of the Turkish Empire.

As the swords are borrowed from the Turkish palace of Topkapi in Istanbul, so naturally other artifacts featured are also from Turkey. The other artifacts mainly come from Indonesia and it is probably a part of the Sultan of Brunei’s collection.

A suit of armour from the Ottoman empire. on the other side was a long halberd – a spear with an axe shaped blade for the tip – which I didn’t get the chance to photograph. It doesn’t show here but the aromour, especially the helmet were intricately  decorated . Somehow it makes you wonder if this is really to be worn to battles. The necklace were made out of old coins cstrung together with a piece of cord – I saw the details of the coins and it seems like it is made of real currency, the ones used in transactions, in simple words coins for shopping, when I initially thought it is  made of purely decorative coins. Perhaps the make of the necklace wished the wearer luck?

A shield, again from the collection of Ottoman Turkish Empire armoury. Not sure about the material used but judging from the colour it could be iron and/or gilded copper. It features a four pointed star in the middle, two Arabesque cartouches and a ring of flowery design around the outer ring of the shield. It is small, perhaps can be compared to a medieval Buckler. I don’t think it is a suitable shield to be used against projectile weapons but mainly used for hand-to-hand combat or even maybe perhaps just an ornament – never meant to be used in battle.


For the next post I will be featuring two carriages of the Ottoman sultans as well as a gigantic Beduk – a drum used in mosques in the yesteryear to call the faithful to prayer or to signify breaking of fast time.



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4 responses to “Observations – The Sword of the Prophet Muhammad and the Staff of Prophet Moses Exhibition part.3 ; The Ottoman Armoury

  1. Dr Jan Zimcetina

    That armor is actually a Serbian Black Plate Armor. Vassal Serbian army gave one of the finest Ottoman heavy cavalry troops, insuring several important victories for the Ottoman empire.

  2. sufyaan

    u idiot in islam there is no such thing as luck

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