Imagining Islamic Aesthetics #42 – Modern Mosques

I realized that I haven’t been posting anything for quite a long time…As usual I am pretty busy with work and other responsibilities that I couldn’t find the time to blog. But anyway now I have some time to kill I decide to post some things that I meant to post weeks ago!

For this edition of Imagining Islamic Aesthetics (which, I want to point now, it will be a post per month or maybe hopefully every fortnight ) I will bring out the topic of Modern Mosques. The last time I touched the topic of Modern Islamic architecture was a general outlook of Islamic architecture of today. For this Imagining Islamic Aesthetic we would like to focus on the religious side of Islamic modern architecture. Please do bear in mind that Islamic architecture doesn’t mean that the architectural style is exclusive only to the religion ; Islamic architecture covers a wide scope  in which it is utilized in Islamic countries mainly but also used for secular buildings as well as by different religions under the countries.


An example of modern Islamic architecture. The mosque is located on a corniche by the red sea. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Judging from the architectural style it is still pretty much traditional, however the materials used are not, hence being labelled modern.

The dazzling alabaster marbled Istiqlal mosque of Jakarta, Indonesia, seen from the base of its tower. The national mosque of Indonesia, also the largest mosque in Southeast Asia. This mosque is quite a popular tourist spot in Jakarta, even Barack Obama once visited the mosque with his wife in his visit to Indonesia. There are very little features that follows traditional mosque architecture for example the mihrab and the domes. It is a good example of modern contemporary mosque.

h_kinani Original uploader was H kinani at en.wikipedia

Hajja Soad mosque in Khartoum, Sudan.  Another mosque that departs from the traditional mosque architecture, favouring sloping roofs instead of domes and a sharp, tall pyramidal minaret.

Author - Asjad Jamshed

Faisal mosque in Pakistan . Named for Faisal of Saudi Arabia, it is the largest mosque in Pakistan and South Asia and one of the largest mosques in the world. Another great example of Modern mosque

Photo taken by Finlay McWalter on September 4th 2005.

Glasgow Central Mosque is located on the south bank of the River Clyde in the Gorbals district of central Glasgow, Scotland. The architecture follows loosely on traditional styles, but the materials used are modern as well as the details. The main dome is made out of glass and allows natural light into the main prayer hall.


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