Just a quick note…

The continuation of the Exhibit post will be resumed after this, I got quite a number of things to share you, my readers, if only my camera would cooperate. There are a few pictures I wanted to share, particularly pics of Islamic manuscripts and armoury. So hopefully I could get it done by tomorrow or next week. Also, I have obtained a book about the exhibits so you can get a clearer view of the artifacts shown.

In another separate topic, my recent vacation met me with a shop that sells fabrics with geometric designs. Although I did not buy anything from the shop (IDR1,000,000 for a…tablecloth?) I did manage to get a few pictures of the designs – which I will publish in another separate post. It is very interesting, providing that that place have quite a low number of Muslim residents, though it is famed for its art and culture.

Which brings us to another topic…

I am thinking of opening an online shop featuring Islamic art, inspired by the shop I visited that I mention before. I have the materials, and all I need now is the budget. But then, what use of a budget if you don’t know what you are producing and selling? I think I need you, my reader’s opinion…If I am to open a shop, what would you like me to sell?  I am thinking of small, house decor items such as cushion covers and accessories such as bags etc…also selling the fabric itself. What do you think? Please leave comments with your ideas and I will be very happy to hear from you! Also, thinking of giving one of you readers a token of appreciation for whomever idea I took so leave your emails as well 🙂

Also, a special mention to a reader in Indonesia by the name of Yudi Harijono…Looking forward to your work, and good luck! 😀


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