Internt Finds – Quran Flash

I haven’t done much blogging in recent weeks, time being much of a problem to spend sitting in the front of the computer and typing away. Now I have some spare time to spend, I can post up some articles as time allow me.

I have found this flash site from a casual, general information blog. I have to say that the developers of this flash site did a very impressive job, certainly befitting a site that features a holy text.

The Website features a fully readable Quran online which you can open, close and flip the pages just like the real scripture. The Quran is mainly in Arabic, the original language of the scripture, however there are also some versions that features other language such as English or Urdu. There are also bookmarking features to mark your favourite pages or to read where you left the next time you open the sit. The resolution can be changed as you desired to three different settings – low, medium and high quality resolution. This applies to either the resolution of the Quran pages or the flash website, or both.

There are options to change the background of the site. There are quite a number of wallpapers to choose – from nature photos, Architectural motifs to mosques. The wallpapers are impressive and very beautiful should you choose the high quality resolution option.

There are also options to choose different versions of the scriptures. You can choose versions like the Urdu language, or the one with Tajweed (method of reading the Quran) help. Each of the versions are different in forms and decorations.

This website is perfect if you don’t have a Quran handy and would like to refer it quickly, or if you ar a non-muslim and would like to peek into the Muslim’s holy scripture, or you just want to admire the beautiful decorations that were put into the work of the Quran.


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