A Very Busy Start to the Year!

First of all, I would like to apologize to you my readers for yet again another delay of postings. These few days I got really busy doing much works in my hand plus the usual office work it seems that I cannot get myself to spend some time on the blog. However, with my absence, I managed to get some new materials to work on, and also I am working on some new projects! You see…

A few weeks ago, I got invited to this seminar/talk sponsored by the local Islamic university UNISSA, “Ceramah Khas Seni Khat dan Reka Bentuk Islam” (Seminar on the art of Islamic Calligraphy and Designs in Malay). I was invited (by phone, nonetheless) to this seminar because I, if you remembered last year, joined the university’s Mushaf designing competition, as winners of the competition was also announced in the same event. I can’t tell you how nervous I was, and how my heart beats like all hell breaks loose then. But in the end, I received a very welcome news, a pleasant surprise. I will clarify that later on in another post.

This is the opening slide for the seminar by a renowned Malaysian Calligraphist and Islamic Designer, Ustaz Abd. Baki bin Abu Bakar. The entire seminar is honestly bland and lecture-like (and I am quite sure some of the audience might be sleepy for the duration of the seminar) but I was very eager to learn more from this teacher. Though the seminar is short and in my opinion, very compact, I nevertheless got quite some new ideas on Islamic Calligraphy and Islamic Design. So, expect new materials and articles in the near future.


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