Projects – Mashrabia-ish Window Decoration Redux

I am not really satisfied with the old window treatment even though it is always a delight to see the shadows play with the morning light. I am missing the complexity of the Geometric patterns of the Masrabia in the Middle East, and the old window decoration doesn’t do justice. So, I decided to make another one with a new style with a more complex look. I removed the old ones from my window panes and prepared all I needed to create the new window decoration and trying to emulate the Mashrabia.

Armed with a pair of scissors, a craft knife, some scrap papers, a tube of glue and a piece of paper printed with the design I wanted, I cut my way through twelve pieces of scrap paper based on the design. That piece of paper became a template, and I traced the design on a blank piece of paper using a pen, pressing hard on the paper so the design would be transferred. I then stapled the rest of the papers together and cut the design according to the transferred design.

The cut papers are then glued on the already cleaned window panes. I only applied a few dabs of glue on the ends of the papers, so should I change my mind again, I can remove it without much hassle.

The end products is like the picture above. I had noticed that the designed is flawed ; the stars between the glass panes doesn’t form the desired pattern. This is because I based the template on a printed picture of a door from a Minbar in Egypt, so the design aren’t supposed to be set side by side.  But in my opinion, it still looked great especially with sunlight pouring in.





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2 responses to “Projects – Mashrabia-ish Window Decoration Redux

  1. Fahad

    Hi Azim, I like your blog very much. But I am more interested in the way, the originals were created. I have posted some of my studies on my blog. Maybe you have a look here:

    • Hello Fahad,
      Thanks for your comment. I will try to look up on how these Mashrabia windows were created, and I will write an article about it some day. Thanks for your suggestion!

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